9 Powerful Life Insurance Questions Concerning Coronavirus as known as COVID-19 and Life Insurance Coverage!

Does life insurance cover the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Does life insurance cover the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

There are many conversations with family, friends and coworkers that begins with discussing the latest Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 in the news and how this real-life scenario is changing our lives. Are you feeling the effects?

Many people are wondering if they die from Coronavirus if it would be covered by their life insurance policy. This is a real question however this article is designed to put any fear of this to rest.

For a REAL question, we have REAL answers to your questions concerning how COVID-19 will affects your life insurance coverage. Once you get approved with HAVEN LIFE, through TERMLIFE MUTUAL, you will be apart of family. Before we get to some of the many questions, remember HAVEN LIFE is wholly owned by MASSMUTUAL. MASSMUTUAL is over 160 years of financial strength.

Let us jump into the questions at hand.

Remember, you do not have to get any medical exam with this Haven Life Insurance policy. Thus, you have to be honest on the application about your health and places that you have traveled. As long as you are honest, your Haven Life Insurance policy with pay for a COVID-19 death.

Of course, you can apply for this non-medical health exam and no needle life insurance. Once you get your approval, you are covered at your first payment. One great thing is your decision for approval is instant. You do not have to wait around for approval!

Currently life insurance rates are note increasing due to the COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. Although we cannot tell the future of rates, right at the moment of this article, rates are stable.

This is what we specialize in: instant decision for life insurance. You have come to the right place to complete an application online within less than 10 minutes with a decision. Apply Now!


At this moment, our still receiving instant decision. Our underwriting system will take into account of your travel. When entering a life insurance contract, both you and the insurance carrier, make decisions to ensure both parties are given the most accurate information so that decisions of approval are made. As stated early, it is important to be honest in the as you are filling out the application.

Most life insurance companies have 2-year contestability period. The states designed the protections to prevent false information, fraud and people attempts to force the insurance to pay based on lies. In addition, the clause in the 2-year contestability period, prevent a person from buying large life insurance policy (say for 250,000) and then going to kill them themselves the next month after making one payment. So, if a person dies within 2 years of buying a policy, the life insurance company has the right to investigate and review the application to make sure the applicant was being honest at the time of the application. This provision in your life insurance contract protects the company from fraud or false application information. Again, we return to truthfulness, if you as the applicant is forthright about your answers concerning your health, travel plans and your death results in anything in the first 2 years (except suicide), your claim will be paid. Again, if your death results from anything like Coronavirus, Heart Attack, Stroke, Accidents, Cancer or any death besides suicide, your claim will be paid. Apply Now!

No, we are making your application process simple, no medical exams will be required. (If you are denied coverage through our website; please contact the 1-800-516-4276 and we will assess your situation to see if we can get some coverage for you.

The Coronavirus impact for life insurance policyholders

If you died of a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, meteorite from space, and yes COVID-19, your death claim will be paid. The key here is truthfulness. If you are truthful during the application, once you get approved, there is no reason for a death claim to be denied.

Many people has lost jobs due to this pandemic of COVID-19. We do not want you to lose coverage. If you are having a hardship, call Haven Life on your policy for possible options. Currently, we would suggest finding all options to keep your policy inforce. If your policy is not inforce(active)when you die, your death claim will not be paid.

On our homepage of TermLife Mutual, we highlight the independent rating of MassMutualMassMutual has been around for over 160 years. MassMutual has been through World War I, World War 2, the Great Depression and the Flu Pandemic of 1918MassMutual has paid claims then and are paying claim now. We at TermLife Mutual are please to be able to provide a product through Haven Life (MassMutual).

Why choose TermLife Mutual an independent broker with Haven Life

The Haven Term policy is issued by MassMutual, an industry leader with over 160 years of experience.

We have your back (and MassMutual has ours)

3 things to think about and to move forward during this time of uncertainty concerning life insurance and COVID-19:

#1 Why wait on getting life insurance coverage: Apply Now!

Who depends on you? If you have family, a child, parents, mortgage, spouse, partner or anyone that depends on your income, you need to have life insurance to replace your income. We still have instant decision applications to make the process fast and quick for obtaining life insurance coverage. Remember, you do not have any medical exams with Haven LifeTermLife Mutual has partnered up with Haven Life backed by MassMutual to give you comfort of your life insurance company’s stability.


#2 Are there additional benefits with my Term Life Policy?

We at TermLife Mutual have partnerships that allow you to receive a $500 reward point scholarship to over 400 different colleges and universities throughout the country for your children or grandchildren. After you purchase your policy, email me at to learn of receiving an $4000 reward point scholarship at these very colleges and universities.


#3 Being truthful during filling out the application is very important

We all know that being honest is best. You are applying for a life insurance policy from a multi-billion dollars life insurance company, it is important the you are honest. I had one of my life insurance clients die during the 2-year contestability period. Because he was honest, the insurance company did their review and paid the claim to his son who was the beneficiary. That is important, making sure that you are honest about your health and travel/plans so that your beneficiary will be taken care of when you pass away.

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TermLife Mutual is a life insurance agency that primarily provides individuals, families, and business owners with Term Life insurance. While TermLife Mutual’s flagship product is Term Life insurance, we do have other insurance products and services. Our goals are to help insure America with quality life insurance.

We work with multiple life insurance companies however our primary partner is Haven Life who are wholly owned by MassMutual Life insurance company. MassMutual is an A+ rated life insurance company that has been around for over 160 years.


Most of life insurance industry is still catching up with the times of internet and technology. Most life insurance is still sold thru a life insurance agent. At TermLife Mutual, we have partnered up with one of most up-to-date technology to allow our clients to purchase life insurance without the need for agent nor medical exams (no needles). This is our strong point that separates us from most life insurance agencies. We have platform that you can complete a quick application in less than 10 minutes without the need for agent. Our partners at

                                                                      has the technology and secure site for quotes and applications for our products and services. Amazingly this technology was developed by Levinson and Associates, who are leading the way in advancing life insurance products. Once you decide on the amount of your term life insurance, you can simply click for quote, scroll down until you see the LIFE icon, receive quote and then move forward with a simple application. We welcome you to the family of TermLife Mutual!

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